Leeds set to discuss city's transport issues


Leeds is set to get a new trolleybus system - but will it really improve public transport in the city|?Leeds residents are set to hold a major debate into public transport - just a stone’s throw away from the city’s bus station.

Friday’s event is asking Leeds folk to discuss ‘What’ll really get you moving?’ and coincides with the Europe-wide ‘In Town Without My Car Day’, which encourages people to ditch their car for the day.

Residents and transport chiefs are getting together for an open discussion about the city’s transport needs and wants.  Questions include: What are your thoughts on getting about in the city? . What would you like to see improve? What’s working well? Do you have ideas about how Leeds could do things better?

Whether you drive, cycle, walk, or take public transport everyone is welcome come along to Munro House on Friday.

The event is the sixth Cultural Conversations event organised by Emma Bearman and the Culture Vulture blog.  

Metro (and other transport organisations)  will share where they are at with initiatives that may make a difference to our daily commute or weekend trips. Metro will be able to share some of the initiatives you may have read about but have no clear understanding of the impact, such as Quality Contracts, Smart Card technology, Trolleybuses and more.

Attendees may wish to start a conversation about the stuff they would like to see more of, or share ideas about what they think would make local travel and transport a better experience?

The event will be held at Munro House - the former Autotrader building - on Friday, 11.30am-2pm.

You can register for a free ticket for the event here.

Meanwhile, over at Leeds Forum there’s a debate going on about the trolleybus. Do you feel it’s a worthy second best to a tram or even equal to a tram? Or will it make the city a laughing stock?

What do you think? Have your say in the comments section below.