Introducing LOL! Business


Hi I’m Pete Evans. I am passionate about Leeds as a city and working with individuals and businesses within the city. My business, Altum V is based in the centre of Leeds.

My background is in sales and my sales experience was acquired in the financial services industry, primarily with Friends Provident. I specialise in working with entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals to help them take the pain out of selling.

The reason I am involved with the LOL! Project is due to developing a business relationship with Lee Hicken and the team at Hebe Media. During the last two years, Lee and I have discussed at length the need for more collaboration across the different business sectors in the city.

In the business column of LOL! Leeds Online we will be creating special video showcases looking at some of the most interesting and innovative companies and organisations in Leeds. We are seeking to engage and feature those that are genuinely interested in the city and its success. The aim of the business section is to demonstrate how the traditional business sectors of the city, such as solicitors and accountants (or as Lee prefers to refer to them as, “the suits”!) can collaborate more effectively with the creative sector of the city.

We will also have special guest blogs from some of the most influential members of the Leeds business community as well as interviews, analysis and much more.

I feel the LOL! project will give a new take on the city’s business community and help to develop ties between some of the industries I am involved with and the creative sector in the city.