Made in Leeds: Antiform

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We hear so much in the press about the declining fashion industry in the UK so as part of the inaugural LDFW I wanted to put a spotlight on brands bucking this trend and making fashion in Leeds.  From a one man brand making leather accessories from a home studio to a nationally recognised company selling up and down the country and everything in between Leeds has some dedicated brands making all over the city. 

There are more reasons than ever to make in the UK and Leeds has always been a hub for fashion and textiles.  It only seems natural for Leeds to set a shining example and over the next week we will take a peek at different companies making fashion forward clothing and accessories, see what they are making and look behind the scenes and into the studios. 

Made in Leeds Spotlight – Hyde Park

Antiform – Hyde Park

Factory Dress - £90


Antiform is my brand based in Leeds making sustainable fashion using reclaimed materials and mixing fashion forward shapes with heritage craft.  I started Antiform in 2007 at a time when fashion brands were outsourcing production abroad and making in the UK was not on many people’s mind.  I met so many skilled people in the local area and thought there must be another way.

Tell us about Antiform;

All of the materials and workmanship involved in the production of Antiform clothing is sourced within 20 miles of our studio boutique in Hyde Park. We’re big on our Yorkshire heritage – many of our products are 100% made in Yorkshire, right down to the trimmings! We make in Hyde Park and then sell the clothing internationally through independent boutiques.

Tell us about the dress;

The factory dress is from our Autumn/Winter 2012 collection and was inspired by a World War 2 uniform dress we discovered at a local house clearance.  We wanted to update the shape with a fresh colour palette while respecting the frugal pattern cutting techniques used during the rationing era. The fabric is all roll ends sourced from around Yorkshire – some if it is over orders from factories and some of it is samples.

How is the dress made?

The dress is made in our studio in Leeds; all the pattern pieces are cut out on our cutting table and then the pieces are sewn on our industrial machines.  The button holes are put on in Wortley and then the buttons are sewn on by hand.

Why do you choose to make in Leeds?

Leeds has such an amazingly rich textiles and fashion history that it makes it the perfect place to run a brand like ours. There are lots of mills for us to source from and also lots of skilled people to make the clothing – we work with people who can cut, sew, crochet, hand knit, machine knit and embroider.

Where can we buy one?

You can see and buy the new collection on our website – , from our Hyde Park studio Boutique ‘ReMade in Leeds’ 25 Back Kensington Terrace, LS4 2PL and a number of independent boutiques in the UK.

Leeds Digital Fashion Week is produced by Hebe Media and aims to showcase the past, present and future of the region’s fashion industry. This project is the pre-curser to a programme of events and projects that will kick off in 2013, and help to take the Leeds fashion industry to the next level. For more information, or to contact the Hebe team, please click here.