Leeds Street Style: Day 1

螢幕快照 2012-02-15 下午2.06.40.png
螢幕快照 2012-04-20 下午1.05.22.png

During Leeds Digital Fashion Week, we will be proudly presenting the style spotting work of the students of Leeds College of Art. We set the students the brief of trying to capture the ‘Leeds style’ on the streets and report back on what they found. Here are the results:


Photography by Sophie PriceName: Christiana

Wearing: Velvet shirt (Vintage), Collar (Handmade), Necklace (Miss Selfridge), Skirt (Urban Outfitters), Belt (Vintage), Shoes (Topshop), Tights (River Island)

What is Leeds Style: Leeds is effortlessly stylish!


Photography by Sophie PriceName: Tom

Wearing: Hat (Vintage), Shirt (Urban Outfitters), Jeans (Topman), Shoes (Urban Outfitters)

What is Leeds Style: Leeds style is leading the way.


Photography by Ciana O’ReillyName: Kayley

Wearing: Scarf (Thailand), Jacket (Topshop), Shirt (Zara), Jeans (Zara), Boots (Debenhams)

Favourite Leeds Shop: Zara

Describe your style in three words: Patterned, Vintage, Classic


Photography by Sarah JonesName: Harriet

Wearing: Coat (H&M), Necklace (Topshop), Shirt (H&M), Shoes ( New Look)

Street Style.jpg

Photography by Lizzie PalmerName: Mel

Age: 21

Occupation: Make-up Artist

Describe your style: Something I’m comfortable in and shows my personality.

Leeds Digital Fashion Week is produced by Hebe Media and aims to showcase the past, present and future of the region’s fashion industry. This project is the pre-curser to a programme of events and projects that will kick off in 2013, and help to take the Leeds fashion industry to the next level. For more information, or to contact the Hebe team, please click here.